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Your First Steps
to a Better Swing

Getting Started Guide

Begin by placing My Power Plane around your shoulders, ensuring it sits comfortably and securely. Adopt your golfing stance: stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly, and lean forward from your waist. 

Proper Setup & Alignment

With the My Power Plane in place, rotate your upper body around the center of your chest. Keep your arms relaxed. Practice turning back and then forward, maintaining the device’s alignment with your body and swing within the My Power Plane. 

Swing on Your Power Plane

Do not position the My Power Plane too high on your neck or too low on your back. Avoid lifting your arms to initiate the swing; instead, focus on rotating your body. Maintain the correct posture and alignment throughout the swing.

What Not To Do

Highlighting the crucial role of the short game, Jamie Mulligan advocates for My Power Plane as an essential tool for mastering nuanced shots. The drill focuses on a mini swing, or an 8 to 4 motion, that mirrors the movements encouraged by My Power Plane, aiming for precision and control. This method underscores the simplicity of effective golfing—proper body movement leads to superior pitching and lower scores, distinguishing controlled, efficient swings from the uncontrolled efforts often seen in amateurs.

My Power Plane For Short Game

Jamie Mulligan addresses a frequent flaw in golf swings: disorganized initiation leading to improper sequencing. The "Move Away and Sync" drill, using My Power Plane, promotes a unified and efficient start, emphasizing minimal movement and quiet arms to enable a clean, sequenced swing. This approach simplifies turning, fostering a better organized and more intuitive feel for golfers, and enhancing their swing mechanics and overall game.

The "Move Away & Sync" Drill
Drills and Tutorials

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Swing with My Power Plane Expertly Crafted Drills and Tutorials


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Improve Your Game

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